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Transforming the way teams work together for good
Integrated campaign

Using Agile principles to connect teams and drive progress

With 12 teams, and over 50 people to coordinate, delivering the Kindness Appeal – the organisation’s first truly integrated campaign – posed a significant challenge.

 The first campaign to be jointly delivered by brand and supporter engagement and with input required from a range of decision-makers across multiple teams, it was soon clear that this critical, high-profile appeal was in danger of losing momentum.

Signal provided expert advice and practical support.

We helped the British Red Cross to implement a new approach to planning and delivering the campaign, based on Agile principles. This engagement took place over 12 weeks of intense project management and coaching.

First we worked onsite to coordinate the core project team, and agree on a shared plan.

We then worked to establish and embed Agile project management practices throughout. Finally we ran a project review and created a project run book, enshrining key principles and learnings to drive planning for future integrated campaigns.

A diagram showing the change in team structure over the course of the project

Feedback from internal teams was extremely positive. The campaign was delivered on time, within budget and successfully met fundraising targets.

The Agile approach also allowed the team to test and learn by experimenting with new channel choices and audience selections as the campaign progressed, making for the best possible performance.

But the most valuable outcome was the adoption of a new, integrated approach for clear, effective collaboration across multi-stakeholder projects. This common approach is now used by the team at British Red Cross to run all integrated activity.

Getting teams aligned behind a shared vision and approach can transform project outcomes 

More together

Signal’s 13-year relationship with British Red Cross is grounded in the efficient delivery of supporter communications across core fundraising activity. It also covers advice and practical support around the adoption of new working practices that save time, reduce costs or improve the supporter experience.

Signal’s input enabled us to break out of old patterns of working, and truly collaborate across teams.
Shaila Varma
Head of Strategic Planning and Projects
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