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Creativity without compromise 

Although Oxfam’s lottery was already two years old, the potential of this new income stream had never been realised. We worked with the team to understand the barriers to growth and develop a plan to tap the lottery’s latent potential.

Concerns over how to blend key messaging about ending poverty with the chance to win large cash prizes had resulted in a lack of focus on developing the product. Previous attempts to navigate this challenge hadn’t been successful, with past lottery campaigns underperforming and an unwelcome reliance on face-to-face channels.

We quickly formed a project group, establishing shared objectives and outlining the agile principles we’d use to work towards the right solution.

Our aim was to work together to unearth a creative solution that would neutralise concerns; to create a powerful, versatile identity that would have digital presence and stand out in a competitive category.

Step forward Al the Alpaca, the beautifully illustrated and animated face of Oxfam’s digital acquisition campaign.

Al gave the lottery a strong personality; an identity that it had never had before. His character was a much-needed middle ground between the brand’s beating poverty message and the chance to win large cash prizes. Al was removed enough from Oxfam’s cause but still retained their brand characteristics, and crucially he resonated with their supporter testing groups. Even better, he helped recruit a strategically important younger audience.

Animated image of an alpaca lying on an inflatable in a pool

The results speak for themselves: thanks to Al, cost per acquisition dropped by 32%.

But more than that, the new way of working meant we were able to foster collaboration, share ownership and remove unhelpful silos – meaning more value for Oxfam and a new identity and assets delivered at pace.

The project was so successful, both in terms of the expereince and the outcome, that Oxfam have appointed Signal to deliver an agile coaching programme to embed this way of working more widely within the organisation.

With all the right stakeholders engaged from the start of the project, there’s a far greater chance of uncovering a genuine solution that has everyone’s buy-in.

More together

Since working with the Individual Giving team at Oxfam on the highly successful relaunch of their weekly lottery, we’ve also been appointed to lead a wider training programme across the organisation to embed agile practices.

Signal’s process clearly defined requirements and enabled us to dive into the psyche of the target audience. I’ve no doubt this is the method to follow in the future.
Christian Hankins
Digital Marketing, Oxfam
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