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1,492 billion ways to show motor finance customers a warm welcome 

Trading paper for video.
Happy customers. Happy regulator.

Like most motor finance providers, our client was sending a paper welcome pack to customers. But like many mailings of this type it was not being read, as most customers are much more interested in getting their new car on the road than reading small print.

This meant that customers weren’t engaging with who was providing their finance, and as a result didn’t know who to contact if there was a problem – many were not even aware there was an online portal they could turn to for support.

And to top it all, these printed packs, which were costly to produce, were arriving up to three weeks after the car sale – when the chance of engagement was long gone. 

Next level personalisation gives customers exactly what they need, when they need it. 

Together with a popular motor finance provider we created something truly innovative both in execution and in its use of customer data – their first highly personalised video delivered to each customer within hours of the sale.

Using items typically found in the customer’s new vehicle as visual cues, this 90-second video took personalisation to a new level – referencing 9 pieces of data at 15 points to create 1,492 billion possible permutations.

It gave customers essential information about their financial agreement, their payments, and the support that was on offer – all delivered at the time they were most likely to have questions.

A close up of a mobile with an example text from a motor finance providerA close up of a mobile with an example text from a motor finance provider

Brand metrics up, print costs down. Win-win.

We replaced a costly, ineffective paper solution with a tailored video delivered straight to new customers’ mobiles – leading to savings of around £50,000 a year.

Traffic to the online management portal has doubled since the launch of the videos, and they’ve seen an 87% increase in brand perception.

And this regulator approved approach has also seen us pick up two customer experience awards.

Working alongside the client team at every stage means we can be sure that the data, technology and content work together as effectively as possible – delivering the best possible customer experience.
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Signal plays a pivotal role in the transformation of one of the UK’s biggest banking brands to a more customer-centric business, delivering over 200 million communications every year for the group.

For over 15 years we’ve been combining our deep delivery expertise with close collaboration to recommend ways to improve customers' understanding of complex changes, improve speed to market through automation and ways of working efficiencies, whilst at the same time ensuring the highest standards of risk management.

And this has enabled, not only the delivery of more timely, personalised and effective communications to customers, but savings of millions thanks to better data and communication management.

The campaign wasn’t just human and empathetic, but it maximised customer data to create an innovative, personal and engaging interaction. In this video the spotlight was on the customer, not the business.
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