Transforming CX for customers in persistent debt

When the FCA published new regulation around credit card debt, our client, a leading UK lender, wanted to go above and beyond ​the new rules. 

They wanted to create a communication experience that would truly change behaviour and support customers out of 'Persistent Debt'.

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Already delivering on the promise of Consumer Duty

We created an 18-piece communication experience of SMS, emails, letters and online banking pop ups, each of them grounded in behavioural principles.

By making the most of cheaper channels as well as the regulatory required letters, we were able to deliver timely, tailored communications that really resonated with customers.

  • An 18-piece communication strategy that can be tailored ​for 68 different audiences
  • Written and designed to ​make key messages clear ​and easy to understand for all
  • Different follow-on communications for those who did and didn’t change behaviour
  • A new mix of communication channels – mail, SMS and email ​– and a new timing plan for communications delivery
  • Chunked up messaging into easily digestible, relevant parts
  • Pop ups during online ​banking login – when banking ​is front of mind
  • Underpinned by a ​robust, automated, daily processing solution
  • Test and live environments that make change simple ​and easy to control
  • Automated outputs for accessibility needs, such ​as large print & Braille
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Overcoming behavioural barriers really paid off

The mix of mandatory and supplementary nudges resulted in greater, faster behaviour change than the mandated alone. On average an increase in repayments of over £100 a month – meaning over £50 million was paid off customer balances in total.

An automated programme deployed using our CX HUB capabilities, all of these communications are securely processed centrally. This has helped to simplify production and content management, which has reduced costs, risk and duplication of effort.


tailored comms pieces
million pound reduction in customer debt


  • CX planning

  • Communications strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Design

  • Behavioural Science

  • Technology consultancy

  • Centralised processing

  • Automation

  • Personalisation

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Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill

Communications Consultant, Signal