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Leading the way in customer experience management

CX HUB is Signal’s communications experience platform for leading brands wanting to generate highly personalised, omnichannel communications at scale; delivering them in your customers’ preferred channel at each step of the customer journey.

Combined with expert consulting and managed services, CX HUB enables firms to move at scale to centralised omnichannel experience management – delivering more personalised brand experiences that exceed regulatory best practice.

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Customer experience management in your hands

Our platform capabilities are backed by deep expertise in digital-first CX planning, regulatory best practice and change management. And supported by our extensive experience offering, business critical, highly-regulated managed services.

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Journey manager

Connect CX planning & design with communications management operations – accelerating and simplifying omnichannel journey implementation whilst improving visibility and governance.

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Unify the management and orchestration of digital & print communications, to deliver joined up and engaging omnichannel experiences for your customers.

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Serve your customers in their channel of choice, and reduce print, postal and carbon costs by transforming paper-based comms into engaging digital formats.

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Improve governance and control, release capacity, and empower business users across Product, Marketing and Service teams with assisted authoring and self-serve content management.

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Improve engagement and overcome the limitations of legacy systems through the application of personalisation rules and templates at a customer level​.

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Reduce cost, risk, and data latency by optimising the orchestration and composition of documents and digital communications. Improve workflow approvals, increase automation, and accelerate speed to market.

Orchestration 2.0

With integration, security and scalability designed in, CX HUB accepts data input from any application – be that your core business systems, legacy platforms, or your marketing cloud. Data is transformed into a format that can be used to orchestrate any output, in any channel using the world’s leading content management and composition technologies. 

CX HUB enables you to remove the risks that go with legacy practices and federated communications management. With visibility and control of data manipulation, business rules and template management, you can vastly improve your customers experience and exceed regulatory best practice. 

Partner with Signal

By utilising our managed platform, we can help you design and implement the optimal solution for communications orchestration and processing – supporting you every step of the way.

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